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Tree of All Seasons


Tree of All Seasons




Winter, Spring, Summer, Winter, everything sleeps and goes to rest, preparing for Spring. Then all comes to back to life! Flowers bloom, leaves grow, adults and children come out to play. Summer comes next with the heat of the sun, BBQ's, and lying on the beach! Autumn then brings its cool crisp air and beautifully colored leaves! Everyone has a favorite season!


For the branches and trunk, squares and slivers of mocha swirl tiles were cut. Shapes of leaves were created for the rest of this beauty in various colors using stained glass tiles. The light that dances from each piece of glass is lovely and alluring!


The mosaic itself is 9x12”. The custom wood frame adds approx. 2 1/2“.


Item price: $4200.00

Shipping: TBD




The Chinese Symbol for Friendship





This Chinese symbol means Friendship. Friends are important people in our lives! They support, love, laugh and share with us. Life wouldn’t be as special without them!


In this piece, extra attention was given to the symbol itself! All stained glass tiles were used. The colors are black opal, surrounded by white, then ruby red and bronze van gogh tiles at the top and bottom. The edges are also tiled in black to frame it. This would be a very lovely gift for that special friend!


This mosaic is 4x4”, ready to hang, and waiting to be displayed in that perfect sweet spot!


*This mosaic is now framed!*


Price: $425.00

Shipping: TBD




Taste of Tuscany





These are a group of 4x4” mosaics in a Tuscany theme. A simple design of hills and homes were sketched, and then brought to life with stained glass tiles! A pretty amber color was used, along with some translucent greens, sky blue, sunset orange, and yellow/ruby red for the tiny flowers. The edges are framed in an uncut purple tile to give them an extra special look!


Each mosaic is ready to hang, and you can choose several different ways to do so! You may want to keep 2 of them, and give 2 as a gift! Enjoy this little taste of Tuscany!


Price: $825.00

Shipping: TBD




Sun Moon Mosaic





There is such fascination when it comes to the Sun and the Moon! The Sun is loved for its energy, fire, and warmth. The Moon is admired for its glow and calming effect.


Think of picnics in the park, or a nice long walk on the beach. Both can be enjoyed day or night! Even just the thought of those things can bring a smile! This Sun/Moon mosaic is sure to give you a smile! A nice bright yellow tile was used for the Sun, and the perfect blue for the Moon. The background was done with a gold van gogh tile, which looks like an extension of the Sun. This piece will brighten up any room!


The size is 4x4” and ready to hang! The sides of this mosaic are also tiled in an uncut very dark brown color. The back is painted in bronze, so it’s pretty from front to back!


Price: $400.00

Shipping: TBD




Orange Rose Mosaic





A vase was the inspiration to create this piece! It has an orange rose in the center, with swirls of colors surrounding it all around! It’s pretty, but this mosaic much prettier!


All stained glass tiles were put into this piece, and all were hand cut! An orange/red tile was used for the rose itself and bronze van gogh tiles as the flower outline. Light green and green opal tiles were used for the leaves, and pale purple, mimosa, & sea green for the background. Green opal is wrapped around the edge and gives it a pretty frame!


This 8x10” mosaic is ready to hang or display in that special place in its new home!


*This mosaic is now framed!*


Price: $1100.00

Shipping: TBD




Zebra Butterfly Mosaic





This Zebra Butterfly was inspired by Mary’s niece! She loves zebra stripes and all those colors. A much larger one was made for her and a favorite, so it was a must to make a smaller version! The shape of each butterfly is different too, so they are still one of a kind!


This mosaic is 6x6”. Many hours were involved in getting this done! The tiles are all stained glass. The colors in the wings are ruby red, light blue, light green and an orange waterglass alternating with black. A mocha tile was used for the body of the butterfly and a wispy white for the background. The edges are wrapped in the colors of the wings as a beautiful frame! It’s so special when you get the radiance of light bouncing from the glass; it’s so gorgeous in person!


This mosaic is ready to hang in its special new home!


Price: $700.00

Shipping: TBD




Chinese Symbol for Love





Oriental art has a special look! The colors for this piece are perfect too. All stained glass tiles were used in black, ruby red, and the front was framed with bronze van gogh tiles! The sides and back are also painted in a nice bronze color.


This Chinese symbol means Love. Love is something significant in all our lives. The mosaic was made with care and lots of love! A special something to add to your home, or as a gift to that special someone!


The size of this mosaic is 6x6”. This piece is ready to hang or display in that choice spot in its new home!


Price: $475.00

Shipping: TBD




Italian Candle Holders





These candle holders were created in an Italian theme.  The images include a vine of mini grapes in two shades of purple, an olive branch in light shades of green, with a black used for the olives, and a wine glass in a clear and ruby red tile.  There is also a Chianti wine bottle that looks wicker wrapped using a beige color along with the clear and ruby red!  Pretty swirls in a green opal surround the images.  The opposite sides feature a simple but elegant flower!  A translucent bronze flows all the way around for the background.


There was much time and detail given to make these gorgeous gems!  When lit up, they especially come to life!  The beautiful glow comes through the glass and is mesmerizing!  These candle holders are a must have for that special place to display and enjoy.   


The height for these is 2”, and 2” in width at the top, then tapered to 1-½” at the bottom.  Flameless tea light candles are included!  Real candles may be used also.  If real candles are chosen, tea lights in tins are recommended.  


Price: $1200.00

Shipping: TBD





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